Safe,Efficient Penis Enlargement

Take a deep breath,you are about to make it...

The SIZEWARRIOR is a weighted penis stretching device,that attaches to the shaft of your penis and distributes the stretching load evenly along the shaft,allowing therefore to use larger stretching forces than any of the other penis stretchers in the market.
The SIZEWARRIOR is also more comfortable than any of the other stretchers,which allows to use it for the necessary length of time and stretching force to deliver real enlargement both in length and girth.
The SIZEWARRIOR is backed by a lifetime guarantee of exchange for a new piece in case of manufacturing defects.
The purchasers of any complete package get a 6 months results guarantee.(If you use the SIZEWARRIOR for six months according to the instructions,and you do not achieve at least one inch increase in penis length,you are entitled to return the device(not the weights) for a refund that does not include shipping costs).
The SIZEWARRIOR can be used as a standalone penis enlargement method,or combined with any other routine or product used for that purpose.
The basic design of the SIZEWARRIOR device has been tested by thousands of individuals.In a survey among users it was found to be efficient(meaning instrumental to the achievement of an increase in erect length of over 1 inch in less than six months,with some kind of increase in girth too)by over 85% of the serious users.A use of heavy weights one hour a day,5 times a week,will lead to an increase of over 1 inch in length,and some increase in thickness in less than six months.Gains from 2 to 4 inches can be achieved in between one year and one year and a half.
The SIZEWARRIOR has been checked and approved by a group of medical doctors. The SIZEWARRIOR is recommended by doctors as a penis enlargement method of choice to enlarge the male organ and also to help with a curved penis(Peyronie's disease) because of its safety and efficiency.
Where other methods failed,chances are the SIZEWARRIOR will bring about results.
The SIZEWARRIOR comes in 3 sizes that cover all the possible initial erect penis lengths of the user,from 3 ½" to 9".Anybody can use the SIZEWARRIOR.
The SIZEWARRIOR comes in packages that are turn key solutions including the device,the accessories and the weights(nothing else needed to enlarge your penis for real),but you may also buy the device and accessories(without weights)for a lower price,and provide your own weights.
The SIZEWARRIOR is discreetly packed,delivered and billed without any external clue of the nature of the purchase.
SIZEWARRIOR.COM offers sales and support assistance by phone,e-mail or regular mail.
The SIZEWARRIOR is the most comfortable and efficient attachment of heavy weights to the penis (hanger) in the market today,designed by Gustav Gilmore,the leading crafter of penis weights traction devices since 1997.

For a limited time USA delivery addresses only: if you order any system with 8 lbs you get 2 extra lbs of weights free of charge(10 lbs).

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